Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)
This product is designed to provide the most affordable and innovative GAP protection for motorcycles, sport bikes, all-terrain vehicles, personal watercraft and jet boats. Benefits to your dealership include:
  • Lowest and simplest rates in the industry allowing you to provide value to your customer while realizing greater profit.
  • Lender Approved.
  • Basic and Preferred Plans that benefit both your customer and your dealership.
  • Insurance deductible reimbursement up to $500.
  • Online claims submission, contract lookup, cancellations, transfers, contract copy requests and supply requests.
  • Coverage Inside and Out: Complements McGraw Motorcycle and Personal Watercraft Insurance and Western Service Contracts by providing $5,000 in loan protection, deductible reimbursement and an optional customer credit toward the purchase of their next vehicle.
  • Dealership-trained sales and claims staff that understand your business and who are vehicle enthusiasts and experts.
  • Experience: Founded in 1985, Western Service Contract Corp. is backed by an A.M. Best "A" rated insurance company and will be there for your dealership.